Written by attorney Joel M. Mann

Don't Be Arrested at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

If you are like the 80,000 other people coming in to Las Vegas to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival then you should be aware that with all the negative publicity the RAVE is getting these days that the police are going to be vigilent in cracking down on drug offenses. Understanding your rights will be critical to preventing a fun all night rave into a terrible mistake.

First, despite what you see on TV commercials, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. If you are caught with drugs you will more than likely be arrested and eventually charged with a felony. It is a felony to possess any drugs ( except marijuana which depending on the amount is a misdemeanor) in Nevada. It is also a felony to be under the influence of any drug including marijuana.

The police will probably not search you when you enter the RAVE. This is similar to how the casino’s operate the pool parties and night clubs. More than likely the organization will have paid security guards going through your bags, wallet, pockets, etc. If they find anything that is illegal they will escort you away from the carnival into a holding area. Once you are there they will ask you questions. The answers to these questions can and will be used against you if you are charged with a crime. The security guards are allowed to ask you these questions as they are not the government doing the questioning. Once they have confirmed who you are and that you have committed a crime they will contact the police who will be present on hand to formally arrest people that are committing crimes. What you need to know is that the security guards are not the police and there are different rules that apply to them.

You still can protect your rights.

  1. Your first right is to remain silent. It is a constitutional right and if you are in trouble you should invoke that right.
  2. Second, do not admit to anything as this will be used against you, but don’t lie either, so refer to the first step…remain silent.
  3. Third, do not fight the security guards or the police. This will just add more aggravation to your life and add additional more charges. When you have a defense you need to let your lawyer do your fighting for you.

To avoid the issue involving drugs, make sure you do not have any drugs on your person when you enter the carnival. It is important that you do not hold anyone’s stuff as they may have drugs in their stuff and you will be left literally holding the bag for them. They will search everything you have when you enter the Electric Daisy Carnival and you need to be aware anything found on you will be charged against you. The Police are on heightened alert and the organizers are trying to deal with bad press, they will be working together to put it all on you as those people trying to destroy a good time. Be careful and be safe.

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