Written by attorney Jonathan C. Ginsberg

Don't Lose Your Social Security Disability Case to a Technical Denial

Did you know that your #SocialSecuritydisability case can be dismissed by SSA’s computer system without any notice or warning to you?

Social Security is cutting back on human staff and relying more on computer systems to analyze and process #disabilityapplications. While this change can result in improved efficiency, it can also result in a computer generated denial and dismissal of your case.

As I discuss in this video, SSA’s computer systems are designed to spot technical errors in your application: - a form not filled out correctly - an onset date after your #SSDI insurance ran out - ongoing earnings after your alleged #onsetdate

In theory, SSA’s systems will generate correspondence to you to ask to you complete a form or to explain an issue with your application. But sometimes, SSA has your address wrong, or their system fails to print out and mail a letter.

You should expect to receive a written acknowledgment from #SocialSecurity after you send them any correspondence or documentation. If you are not getting letters in the mail, it is very possible your file is now lost in cyberspace and your claim could be dismissed due to “lack of response” from you even though you never got any notice.

When you are represented by counsel, both you and your attorney will receive notices from SSA and your attorney will be able to identify when a written acknowledgment from Social Security does not appear. If you have not yet hired a lawyer, however, you should not be shy about calling SSA or logging into to your account online to ask for a status. #howsocialsecuritydisabilityworks #socialsecuritydisabilityappeal #socialsecuritydisabilityprocess

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