Written by attorney Molly S. Rosenblum | Apr 9, 2017

Don't Just Hire A Good Divorce Attorney, Hire The Best Divorce Attorney (For You)

In my practice as a divorce attorney, I have often been referred to as a fighter, a pitbull, and many times even the “B” word. I’m not sure that these descriptions mean that I’m a better attorney than other divorce lawyer, but when I ask my clients why they feel my practice is better than others, th

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There are a lot of lawyers out there and a lot of attorneys who think they can handle divorce law because “how hard can it really be?” Separating the best divorce attorneys from the rest can be a challenge. High fees aren’t always a sign that you are hiring the best divorce attorney for your case. We hope these tips have helped you when considering a divorce attorney. If you are considering hiring a divorce attorney, we can help.

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