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Domestic VIolence Lawyer in Tampa

Posted by attorney Octavio Gomez

Have you been arrested for domestic violence in Tampa? Are you a victim of Domestic violence in Tampa? It is very important that you contact a very experienced domestic violence lawyer in Tampa in order to know your options. As your domestic violence lawyer I can help you get protection from a spouse. I can also defend you against false accusations from a spouse trying to use an injunction against you in order to get leverage in a custody, divorce or property case. If you are arrested for Domestic violence in Tampa, your case will be assigned to a prosecutor. Even if the alleged victim changes his/her mind, the State of Florida will likely continue to prosecute the case. My name is Tav Gomez and I am a partner with the Law firm of taracks Gomez & Associates. Our website at has extensive literature about domestic violence in Tampa. You can contact me for a free consultation at 18132812897. As your domestic violence lawyer in tampa, I will make sure that you understand the reprecautions of an injunction. How it will affect you in your future? How to get an injunction dismissed? Domestic violence is a very serious crime in Tampa and it is often pushed aside as a private matter. We can represent you as the victim or the accussed. I served as a Prosecutor in Tampa and I have the knowledge to help you with your case. Please contact me today and make me your Domestic violence lawyer in Tampa. Tav Gomez

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