Written by attorney Theodore W. Robinson

Domestic Violence Court - What Happens When I Plead Guilty in a DV Courtroom?

If you decide to plead guilty to a reduced charge or even to the original charge against you, the prosecutor will say some things about reducing the charges against you in order to satisfy the charges before the Court. The Court/Judge will then ask you a series of questions about what you've been told, whether you've been coerced or forced to change your plea to guilty and a lot of other things. Most importantly, the Judge will then ask you what you did on the day/night in question. Then you must answer and admit what you did or what you are pleading guilty to in order to satisfy the charges. You must go over this with your attorney beforehand so you get it right. You must make sure to take responsibility for whatever you did so that the Judge will accept the guilty plea. Otherwise, if you get up and try to justify what was done or try to blame the other party, the Judge will refuse to take your plea and you'll be asked to leave the courtroom and go over it again with your attorney before returning.

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