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Domestic Violence Court - What About Therapy?

Posted by attorney Theodore Robinson

Many times when people come into Domestic Violence Court, their attorney and the Judge want to work something out where the Defendant, or even both parties, go to anger management, alcohol or drug therapy or couples/family therapy so that this won't happen again. If you are given this opportunity, take it and complete it. Otherwise, things can go alot harder on you. Also, you may actually benefit from going through some form of therapy because it may help you change how you react or do things in your family relationships. Your case will usually be adjourned from month to month while you attend any or all of these treatments at your own expense. Each time you come to court you can expect the Judge will want to see progress in your therapy and eventually will want to see you graduate from whatever you're in so the Court can finalize your case. Once you successfully finish the therapy, you'll usually get a much better deal than you might have if you refused to do it.

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