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Domestic Violence

Posted by attorney Corey Cohen

Florida Domestic Violence Charges Attorney

We help people fight and win domestic violence charges. These are very hard cases for the state to prove and our track record is excellent in winning these cases.

Many times in the mist of a divorce or child custody case the other party may use the police and the justice system as leverage in their case. This may result in your arrest for Domestic Violence Battery. We can help you clear your name and potentially keep this charge off your record.

The majority of these cases are just he said/she said without any injuries or evidence. Do not take a guilty or no contest plea to this charge without speaking to a lawyer at the Law Office of Corey Cohen, P.A. Most Domestic Violence Battery cases are very difficult for the state to prove and with the help of a good legal team your chances of dismissal increase.

While the crime of Domestic Violence is only a misdemeanor in the state of Florida, it has many felony ramifications. This is a charge that if convicted of will prevent you from obtaining a concealed weapons permit. In addition, unless this charge is dismissed you will not be able to get it expunged or sealed. Therefore, the arrest will remain on your record forever.

There are circumstances where there may be a 5 day minimum jail sentence followed by probation and a 26 week anger management class.

Additionally, if your case involves a victim that wishes to have the charges dropped our office can help the victim fill out a declination of prosecution and get that to the prosecutor and the Judge in your case.

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