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Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse - What can I do about domestic abuse, short of making a complaint?

Posted by attorney Curtis Romanowski

Q. Is there anything else I can do about domestic abuse, short of making a complaint under the Domestic Violence Act?

A. Yes. The police or the courts may not be the first line of assistance, depending on the nature of the abusive conduct. Options for help include consulting a lawyer, seeing a mental-health professional for both abused spouse and the children, as well as seeking out support groups and community services for abused spouses and their families.

It should be noted that there are many abusive behaviors that do not arise to the level of domestic violence as defined by the Act. It should likewise be acknowledged that many people who otherwise qualify for protection under the Act, will not opt to seek the court's involvement in that regard. Instead, they may decide to divorce or separate from their abusive partners without filing a domestic violence complaint. Some may try to save and heal their abusive relationship through counseling. Others might just decide to stick it out.

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