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Dog Bite Case in NY; What Damages are Available? New York Personal Injury Attorney Oginski Explains

Posted by attorney Gerald Oginski

In a dog bite case in New York, what type of damages would be available if you were to bring a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries?

Let's assume for our discussion that you are able to show the dog owner was responsible for the actions of their dog. That means that you are able to show liability. The next step is proving damages.

Damages are the injuries that you suffered from the dog bite. There will be physical injuries including cosmetic deformities, possibility the need for surgery and corrective treatment. Then there are the psychological injuries which can be long-lasting and may require counseling and even psychiatric care.

Dog bites leave scars. The surgery to fix the dog's injuries leave scars. Even with plastic surgery, there will be physical and cosmetic deformities. Depending on where the injury was inflicted it may be impossible to cover it up. That can lead to humiliation and fear by strangers who stare, by kids in school, by colleagues at work.

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