Written by attorney William G Peterson

Does Your Will Provide For Your Pet? Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney

Hello, I’m Bill Peterson, Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney.

This is a picture of our dog, London. London thinks he's a person and he thinks he's pretty cool. Well I agree. I think he is cool.

Now London thinks he's a person. However, the law looks upon him as an item of property. What happens to him after our disabilities or deaths?

London will be lumped together with our non-living property such as our automobile and real estate.

As a pet owner, we should all be concerned about what will happen to our dog or cat if they outlive us. Will they receive the love and care we gave them during our lifetime? Or will they be quickly euthanized! That happens all too often after the pet owner dies or is disabled.

Your will can spell out your wishes for your pet.

You can designate a person to whom you want to give your pet.

You may want to entrust your pet to an animal humane society. You may want to have your veterinarian involved in the decision. You may want to set up a Pet Trust for your pet although Minnesota Law makes that somewhat difficult.

Some people want to have their pet put down after the death of the owner. As a dog lover, I would discourage that but the choice is up to the owner.

These decisions all can be tough ones. However, you owe it to your pet, whether a dog like London, or a cat, horse, or other animal. Your love for your pet should be reflected in your estate plan.

As a pet owner I understand and I can help you to prepare a Will that meets the needs of you, your family, and your pet.

I'm Bill Peterson, Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney and Pet Owner. If you have a pet that you would like cared for after you become disabled or pass away, I can help. Call me, at 952- 921-5818 for a free, no obligation consultation. Thank you and have good day.

The contents of this article are for information only and are not to be interpreted as legal advice. For personal legal advice you should consult with an attorney who is experienced in probate and estate planning law.

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