Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle

Does Lifetime Probation Mean Lifetime?

All juveniles, adults and juveniles charged as adults who are placed on lifetime probation can petition the court to have their lifetime probation terminated. Juveniles and juveniles charged as adults may receive the benefit of their records being destroyed and expunged. Probation, counselors, the prosecutor and judge will be looking at several factors when deciding whether or not to support removing lifetime probation including: whether or not the probationer is a risk to re-offend, the probationer's performance on probation, the therapists recommendations as to progress, whether the probationer has qualified for maintenance caseload, the victim's views, whether the probationer has been truthful in recent polygraphs and whether psycho-sexual evaluations have demonstrated normal sexual interests. Many have successfully been removed from lifetime probation and permitted to move on with their lives. Again, lifetime probation doesn't have to be for life.

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