Written by attorney Jonathan C. Ginsberg

Do You Fit the Profile for a Winning Social Security Disability Claim?

Is there a formula or recipe for a winning Social Security disability case? SSA has never put a formula in writing but after representing thousands of disability claimants over the past 25+ years it is not difficult to see patterns emerge. Over 95% of the winning cases I try contain one or more of the winning ingredients I discuss in this video.

Do you meet the profile of a winning #SSDI or SSI claim? Are you old enough, have a solid enough work history and do your medical records contain what disability judges are looking for?

You probably already know this but #SocialSecuritydisability is not always a fair system. You may truly be disabled from working but if the evidence in you file does not fit the profile that your judge expects, you probably won’t win.

The purpose of this video is to help you approach the #disabilityclaims process with the knowledge you need to prepare yourself to win. A few medical visits, the right diagnostic test or tests, and just the passage of time can sometimes turn a marginal case into one that gets approved most of the time.

What do you think? Are there other factors that should be on my list? What can SSA do to make the disability decision making process more fair? #winsocialsecuritydisability #socialsecuritydisabilityhearing #socialsecuritydisabilityjudges

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