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Do I Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy in Arizona?

Although a business entity, like a corporation, cannot file bankruptcy without an attorney, an individual may file their own bankruptcy. In fact, the Arizona Bankruptcy Court website even has a page dedicated to assisting Debtors who file their own bankruptcy cases, and an in person self-help center at the court building.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is the simplest type of bankruptcy and can be successfully completed without an attorney if you are willing to put the necesssary time to learn the process and requirements. There are even companies who assist individuals prepare the initial bankruptcy paperwork for a low fee without offering attorney representation. However, some Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases can be difficult to successfully complete without an attorney. Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcycases are even more complicated and are difficult, to near impossible, to successfully complete without extensive legal background or the assistance of an attorney.

Even if you are able to complete a bankruptcy case without the assistance of an attorney, you may be missing out on many advantages that you could obtain with assistance of the an attorney. When filing for bankruptcy, you could lose many advantages without a proper evaluation of which Chapter of bankruptcy is best for you, what to do with your assets before you file for bankruptcy, and on which specific date you should file for bankruptcy. These decisions require an understanding of Federal Bankruptcy law and Arizona State Exemption laws. It is worth while to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to determine if you need to hire an attorney, or if you might be able to give it a go on your own.

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