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Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer? The Insurance Company is Offering Me Money

The Insurance Company Has Offered Me Money From My Car Accident. Do I Take It?

I was in a car accident. The other person’s insurance company claims they have “accepted responsibility”. And they want me to sign releases. They want me to sign a release giving them access to my medical records. And they want me to sign a release saying I won’t sue them. I’m not a lawsuit happy person. I just want what is fair. And the insurance company tells me that if I hire a lawyer I will get less money because the lawyer will take a fee.

I’d like to talk with a lawyer. I have no idea if what they are offering me is fair. And I certainly don’t want to give a third of what the insurance company is offering to the lawyer. Then I would have less money.

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The insurance company is deploying advanced psychological tactics to get you to accept their offer. One of the tactics is loss aversion: it’s better to not lose $5 than to find $5. Read more about insurance company tactics here.

The reason the insurance company is deploying these tactics is in hopes of saving a buck. If the car accident claim is objectively worth 20k and they can get a release for 2k – they look at it as making 18k on your car accident claim.

The Car Accident Solution

Have your case evaluated by a personal injury lawyer.

Tell your personal injury lawyer about the offer. An honest lawyer will give you a straight evaluation if possible. And usually it is easy. Usually the reason the insurance company has offered money at all is because they know the claim is worth many times what they are offering.

I can’t speak for other lawyers, but if you see me I will not accept a case where I can’t help my client. If the insurance company has offered a potential client 3k and I take a third of that and the client now receives 1k – I have made the client worse off. That’s not fair.

Insist on a free case evaluation. Insist that your lawyer not take the case if he can’t help you. Get it put in writing in your fee agreement.

Contact me if you have been in a Connecticut car accident. There is never a fee for my evaluation. And I put my money where my mouth is. 860 471 8333

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