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DNA Samples Required of Many Convicted People in New York - The Law - Part 1

Posted by attorney Theodore Robinson

The latest DNA law in New York is widespread and almost all encompassing. It is frightening as far as this writer is concerned. What the Legislature could not get done by enacting a Bill, the Governor did through an amendment to the Executive Law. It casts a far wider net than any before to this writer's knowledge and imposes the requirement of collecting DNA from just about everyone who has ever been convicted of a Misdemeanor all the way through those convicted of murder. The entire law is very widely drawn and it bears transcribing it directly into this and the following Parts of this Series so that anyone who wants to know if they must give a DNA sample will know if the law affects them. The only exception is for those who have been convicted more than five years before the enactment of this new law. Watch for that within the statute presented.

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