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Divorce Is Stressful

You won't realize the stress of litigating a divorce until you do it. Going to court requires careful, time consuming preparation. The time you have to spend preparing papers and documents for court is time away from your children and your job. Every time you have to see your spouse in court you will ride a roller coaster of emotions that will drain you physically and emotionally. Being in court is stressful because you're on unfamiliar ground dealing with your spouse, the person who you loved and trusted for years who is now acting like a stranger. You don't know the rules, and you dont know what a judge will do. When you're in court you can't do anything else but sit, wait and avoid the stare of your angry spouse.

Consulting with an experienced San Antonio divorce attorney is the best decision you can make when facing termoil in your marriage. A Board Certified San Antonio divorce lawyer will be able to take the stress out of the situation, help you set proper expectations and deal with your child custody & child support issues.

San Antonio Attorney Arthur Augustine Located at 3107 Broadway, San Antonio , TX . Phone: 210-299-4777. Find us on Google+ (

"As a San Antonio Lawyer, I practice law differently. While I agree that results drive my business, building relationships with my clients and providing value-added service is the key to my success." Arthur G. Augustine

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