Written by attorney Steven J. Weber | Mar 14, 2014

Divorce and the Family Partnership Farm

As a family law attorney in Wisconsin, I can state unequivocally that divorce cases involving a family farm partnership can bring about many interesting issues. One of these issues is how to properly value a farm partnership interest. This is a very brief overview the issue.

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This has been a very brief, not-all-encompassing look at farm partnership valuations in a divorce action here in Wisconsin. It is meant solely to give one a brief look at some of the issues facing attorneys on both sides of the fence (so to speak). For the record, I have handled somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen divorces involving large family dairy farms throughout the State of Wisconsin. For a fascinating case on business valuation (non-farm) please see McReath v. McReath, 335 Wis. 2d 643 (2011). Have I followed all the appropriate grammatical rules when writing this short piece? Of course not. I have simply tried to fit as much information into this format as I reasonably could.

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