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Divorce and Family Law: Lessons Learned From Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

Posted by attorney Evan Guthrie

Kanye West was reported to have been deposed as a witness in the divorce case of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in November of 2012. Kanye West is best known as a music producer and performer, Kim Kardashian is best known as a reality star among other things, and Kris Humphries is best known NBA basketball player. There are many lessons that can be learned from West being brought in to the Humphries and Kardashian divorce.

The most important lesson is the potential consequence of a new girlfriend or boyfriend dating someone that is still going through a divorce, as was allegedly the case with Kanye, to be dragged into the middle of the divorce as a potential witness. Before a divorce is final there is a grey area in some states and a black and white line in other states as to the whether someone that is dating someone while married or going through a divorce to be called as a witness in court or in a deposition. A deposition is similar to being called into court as a witness in that someone is still under oath. When someone is under oath they must answer truthfully and completely the questions asked by lawyers on both sides or be subject to penalties or sanctions by the court. Questions by an opposing side in a deposition of an alleged new girlfriend or boyfriend may touch on intimate and personal questions of the relationship. The third party must answer those potentially personal questions or risk getting in trouble.

Another key lesson is that a spouse going through a divorce such as Humprhies may call the third party such as West as not only a tactic to gather relevant information to the divorce proceeding, but also as a strategy to impinge on the new relationship. While there may legitimate reasons for deposing Kanye as a witness to the divorce, there may also be an intended or unintended consequence of added stress and complications of a new alleged relationship between West and Kardashian. A deposition may potentially sabotage the new relationship by asking embarrassing questions in a deposition or trial and force an inconvenience upon the third party to be in a place they do not want to be at a time they do not want to be. A new boyfriend a girlfriend must be prepared for these potential consequences when entering into a relationship before a divorce is final.

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