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Divorce alternatives

Posted by attorney Tajara Dommershausen

In addition to the traditional divorce litigation representation, both collaborative divorce and divorce mediation services are ways to proceed with a divorce in a much less aggressive manner.

As a divorce mediator, I do not take a side. My role is to help a couple to communicate and arrive at mutual agreements. Through mediation, you may be able to resolve disputes faster, with less bitterness, and at less cost than battling in court. The mediator can provide information about the divorce process and guide a discussion to help resolve issues. I do not represent either party and cannot provide legal advice. The couple can hire me as a mediator if you have an attorney or if you are not represented by an attorney at all. During this process, the parties may communicate with one another directly in the presence of the mediator. The goal of mediation is to allow parties to reach agreements that meet the needs of both parties and their children without the financial and emotional cost of a court battle.

In contrast to the my role in both the traditional litigation model or as a divorce mediator, as a collaborative attorney, I function as settlement specialist rather adversarial advocate or mediator. The process requires both parties and their attorneys to actively listen and understand the other's interests, needs, and goals since progress is made only when all parties work together to reach agreements within the collaborative framework; however, if an agreement cannot be reached, both attorneys must withdraw from representation in order to go forward in the litigating the divorce.

Whatever method you chose, having an experienced professional on your side makes the trauma of a divorce less. Let my office help you.

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