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Dischargeable Debts in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Posted by attorney Darcel Lobo

There are some debts and obligations that will not be discharged

in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

These debts include:

Federal, State, and local taxes that became due in the last 3 years;

Court ordered fines and restitution;

Student Loans;

Any debt for death or personal injury cases caused while driving while intoxicated;

Debts based on fraud, theft, or dishonesty;

Debt you incurred to pay off non-dischargeable debt;

Spousal and Child Support along with other divorce related debts;

Divorce and property settlements are not dischargeable unless the other party agrees

to the discharge;

Debts which were not listed in your bankruptcy petition; and

Any debts incurred after you filed for bankruptcy.

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