Written by attorney Mark Lawrence Deniz

Disabled Person Placard Violations in California

Football season is here. This is also the time that handicap placard violations spike. For any driver that has ever pulled into a handicap spot without a placard or permit and been caught by a law enforcement officer, you know just how seriously California takes these laws. San Diego has a variety of events throughout the year that allow vehicles with placards go to an assigned parking area.

However, people make honest mistakes and forget they have the placard and had no intention of using it to obtain a better parking spot. In an era where families assist elderly persons who may be assigned the placard with more frequency, the use of the placard may be an oversight.

Any violations that involve the illegal use, selling, theft, or forgery of handicap placards involve some of the largest penalties that can be incurred in a vehicle. In fact, some of the fines and jail time can meet or exceed that of DUIs or other forms of dangerous conduct. This is why the Law Offices of Mark Deniz believes that every driver should be made aware of the traffic code surrounding handicap spots, handicap placards, and their uses.

Handicap placards and permits are issued by the DMV and are very important legal items. Drivers may receive them for any number of conditions including arthritis, blood pressure issues, respiratory complications, or any problems with mobility. Attorney Mark Deniz has seen hundreds of cases where there have been a variety of issues. The laws concerning use of handicap placards are very strict and something that all drivers should understand. This is especially true for non-handicapped drivers that may be using the vehicle of a handicapped friend or relative.

There is only one instance in which a non-handicapped driver may use a handicapped placard to park in a specially designated spot in San Diego. This can only be done while transporting a disabled person. At no point can these placards be lent, bought, sold, or copied by another party. The only time that the handicapped placard may be used without the handicapped individual in the car is if the driver dropped them off before making their way to a parking spot.

Any illegal or misuse of these placards is considered to be fraud and comes with all of the penalties associated with fraud. Minimum fines begin at $250 but can go all the way up to $1,000 for a single offense. Drivers may also be imprisoned for up to six months in jail.

The Law Offices of Mark Deniz is here to help drivers that have been charged with San Diego handicap placard violations.

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