Written by attorney Michael S. Melfi

Digital Law Overview

"Digital Law" is a relatively new topic being discussed among businesses. We have provided this guide to help increase your understanding, and get clear on any actions you may need to take to ensure the protection of your business.

"What is ‘Digital Law?’

Digital Law encompasses a wide range of legal areas - it typically refers to traditional legal areas that have been revitalized with the internet and social media. Some of these include Social Media Policies, Digital Defamation, Digital Reputation Management, Cybersquatting and even Digital Asset Trusts. With an ever-innovating Internet space, we make it our business to stay on the edge and keep you protected.

Social Media Policy - Every company, even those without regulations to contend with, must have a well thought-out social media policy in place that deals with both employee and customer use. Our team understands how to create proactive legal measures for protecting organizations while still providing business development opportunities through social media. Additionally, we have in depth knowledge regarding emerging trends and key topics including freedom of speech, employment, privacy, and copyrights.

Digital Defamation - Your reputation is your biggest asset. Social media outlets have generated a new forum for defamation claims/actions. Content goes viral quickly, and it’s hard to delete information once it’s been posted online. Our team understands the nuances of this issue, and can help you keep your reputation in the best light.

Cybersquatting - You are entitled to your domain name, which is a legally protected form of intellectual property. If your domain name is still yours, we recommend the necessary and practical safeguards to protect your business and reputation. Registering your domain’s similar variations, misspellings, and synonyms alleviates a complex legal/administrative battle.

Digital Asset Trust - From social media and music to banking and shopping, the average consumer in this country owns over $52,000 of digital assets! Despite the high value of these digital assets, very few consumers actually take any steps to protect their property, or ensure that they will be securely passed on to their heirs. Recognizing this to be concern for the modern age, our team proudly offers Digital Asset Protection Plans.

Social Media Relations and Strategy - Every good idea requires a plan, so if you are ready to move into the Social Media space, it is important you hire professionals to assist you every step of the way from research, to planning to execution, to reporting, we have the resources to produce returns on your efforts.

Digital PR and Reputation Management - The Team at Melfi & Associates values your reputation and realizes that our services do not exist in a bubble. Therefore in addition to traditional legal services, we also offer various services to maintain and preserve one of your most valuable assets – your reputation.

As part of our management, we offer Image Counseling to create brand identity and create an entity that embodies the individual or organization from a digital perspective. From sports associations and production companies to authors, media personalities and athletes, this gives them the knowledge and tools to present themselves in a unique way. Our process involves highly skilled experts partnering with our client to enhance the brand perception and audience sentiment.

Crowdfunding - Crowdfunding describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organization. Crowdfunding can occur for many reasons from charity to artistic endeavors, to small business start-ups, to political campaigns, to funding a small business.

Melfi & Associates can help your company, in-house counsel or trusted outside firm navigate the challenging issues presented by an increasingly complex online world.

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