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Determining Your Rights to Compensation After a Jackson Construction Accident

Posted by attorney R. Michael Bomberger

The construction industry is the most dangerous industry in the United States: more people are killed and injured while on the clock for a construction job than in any other industry. Construction workers are exposed to a unique set of dangers ranging from heights, large machinery, and live electrical wires, to name a few. Without strict adherence to the safety regulation set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employees may become subjected to unreasonably dangerous working conditions that can cause devastating injury accidents. After being seriously injured in a Jackson construction accident, it is important for employees to have access to all of the medical care and financial support necessary during the period of recovery.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Worker’s compensation is available to all employees injured on the clock. Any injured worker can file a claim and be given access to medical care and even disability payments. However, the benefits awarded under worker’s compensation are severely limited:

  • Medical care is limited to the pool of doctors covered under the insurance
  • Access to specialists such as chiropractors is restricted
  • Only a fraction of the lost income is compensated
  • There is no occupational therapy available for injured workers
  • There is a cap for payments injured employees can receive

Securing Your Rightful Compensation

Although worker’s compensation is sufficient coverage for most workplace injuries, some construction accidents can leave victims facing spinal cord injuries, amputation, traumatic brain injuries, multiple broken bones, internal organ injuries, or other types of injuries that can potentially develop into permanent disabilities, for which worker’s compensation benefits will not offer adequate coverage for the damages related to their injuries. Under the worker’s compensation system, employees can rarely sue their employers for additional compensation. However, many serious injury and wrongful death victims are able to file a claim against third parties such as:

  • Construction site owner
  • General or sub-contractors
  • Machine/equipment manufacturers
  • Engineers/Architect
  • Company providing the building materials

Have Your Case Evaluated

A professional construction accident lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible to file a third party claim and recover additional compensation. Because construction accidents that cause disabilities or fatalities will continue to incur losses throughout the lifetime of the victims, it is particularly important to secure maximum compensation, to ensure victims will be financially provided for and protected from the unwarranted burdens a serious accident can cause. Make sure you recover your rightful compensation by consulting a professional ** Jackson personal injury lawyer** today. A local ** Amador County accident attorney** can help you identify potential defendants and guide you through the steps of filing a claim and securing compensation.

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