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Desk Appearance Ticket - Making Sense of Police Advice

People who receive Desk Appearance Tickets in New York City, are frequently confused by some of the things that the police officers tell them during the arrest process. Frequently the arresting officer will advise against hiring a lawyer or advise that the case "will just be dismissed". Don Murray, partner in the long established New York City Criminal Defense law firm Shalley and Murray discusses this problem in this short presentation. While perhaps well meaning, the frequent legal advice from the police in the context of a Desk Appearance Ticket, is incomplete and occasionally potentially disastrous to the people charged.

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For more information about Desk Appearance Tickets by Don Murray, New York City criminal defense lawyer, and partner in the Criminal Defense law firm Shalley and Murray, visit For more information about the criminal justice system in New York City in general, visit our flagship website, filled with in-depth informative articles by Don Murray at In addition to links to these sites, see links below to more information about other related areas of interest in the New York City criminal justice system including, arraignments, shoplifting accusations, and misdemeanor accusations.

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