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Depuy ASR Recall is Resulting in a Number of Lawsuits

Posted by attorney Aaron Kelly

Depuy Orthopaedics has announced a hip replacement recall. The recall involves two types of hip implants. The division of Johnson & Johnson has stated that there is a higher than expected early failure rate. The Depuy recall has resulted in a number of lawsuits. If you are involved with the Depuy ASR Recall it is important to contact an attorney who can discuss the issues with you. You can then decide if you choose to instigate a Depuy lawsuit. It is important to contact an attorney who is familar with the Depuy situation. The lawyer has knowledge about what has happened and keeps abreast of the necessary information needed in order to inform each person about their rights and how to proceed. A Depuy lawyer has all of the facts regarding the faulty hip replacements. This is important information. They also keep up with current lawsuits as well as those that have gone to court. Your Depuy attorney can help make each step understandable while professionally pursuing your interests. Many of the attorneys will offer you a free consultation in order to understand the entire process. Also, most of the lawyers will work on a percentage basis whereby you pay them a percentage of your award if and when the attorney successfully wins your case. Those patients who had one of these hip replacements have discovered that they are experiencing shedding of particles into the patient. This is resulting in unnecessary painful and serious reactions. Some of the cases have resulted in the need for additional surgery. It is estimated that one out of every eight patients, who have received one of these replacements, has suffered from the replacement. This equates to approximately 93,000 patients who have undergone hip replacement with the Depuy ASR. Since there has been a recall this involves additional testing. This may result in further treatment to make certain the hip functions properly. This is resulting in a number of lawsuits against the company by those patients who have suffered as a result of the hip replacement. A number of attorneys are working with patients as a result of these lawsuits. These attorneys are well aware that more than 300 reports of corrective surgeries were required because the ASR Hip System had issues. Still, it has been reported that the company did not react in order to protect the other 93,000 patients. The numerous legal actions against Johnson & Johnson, in both federal and state courts, continue with thousands more of additional lawsuits being expected to be filed in the future. As these cases mount the attorneys to help you are gaining much more information which will be vital to successfully process your lawsuit. These attorneys are all aware of how important mobility is in every person's life. This mobility depends on a working hip. If this mobility is not available then the person might need to use crutches or even be subjected to a wheelchair. This is why an attorney wants to seek justice and help you get the compensation you deserve due to a situation in which you had no control.

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