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DePuy ASR Hip Recall

DePuy, a division of Johnson & Johnson, manufactures hip and knee replacement implants. Recently one of DePuy's hip implants has been recalled. The implant, called the ASR metal-on-metal implant, has shown an alarming failure rate in a short period of time, as much as 12 or 13% of implant are failing in three years. This is compared to other, established implant designs, that fail at a rate of below 1%.

The problem appears to be that the metal wear from the components is causing a breakdown of the tissues in the hip, leading to muscle loss and loosening. A surprising number of patients we've met with have had problems from the time of implant and have spent years in physical therapy trying to recover from the implant surgery. This is definitely not normal.

DePuy will undoubtedly try to resolve these cases directly with the patients for their "out of pocket" expenses associated with revision surgery. Do not accept this kind of payment without first consulting with an experienced medical malpractice and product liability attorney. If you have suffered serious injury from this defective product, merely paying your "out of pocket" expenses is insultingly insufficient.

Likewise, if you have suffered serious and permanent disabilities as a result of this implant, you want to avoid becoming one of hundreds of cases in a law firms office. Some law firms will try to gather a mass of these cases and present them to DePuy and try to settle them as a group or commence a class action suit. However, if you have permanent or significant injuries from the DePuy ASR hip, you will want your case handled on an individual basis and settled on an individual basis.

Contact our office if you want to discuss your individual situation. We will give your case individual attention.

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