Written by attorney Robert Thomas Sporny

Denial of Permit to Purchase a Pistol

A person wishing to purchase a pistol must first apply for and be granted a permit to purchase a pistol prior to taking possession of a pistol in Michigan. A permit to purchase a pistol is issued by application to the county sheriff if you live in a jurisdiction which does not have a local police department; a permit to purchase a pistol is issued by the local police department if you live in a jurisdiction which has a local police department.

If you meet a specific set of criteria the issuing agency must issue you a permit, unless the issuing sheriff or police department determines that the pistol is likely to be used in a crime. Oftentimes applicants are denied a permit to purchase a pistol by the issuing agency. If this happens to you, you should immediately seek legal advice regarding your right to purchase and own firearms. Do not disclose to the sheriff or police department that you already possess firearms. Once you have consulted with an attorney, you may find that the attorney is able to work with the issuing agency to get them the information that they need to be able to issue the permit. An attorney can also force the issuing agency to perform its duty to issue a permit, if the agency refuses to issue a permit to an eligible individual.

Common appropriate reasons for denial include: a disqualifying criminal conviction, a PPO, a prior involuntary commitment to a mental health facility.

The most common issue that can be corrected is a faulty criminal conviction history.

If you have had a problem passing a background check, or if you are just unsure if you are allowed to posses firearms, then you need to contact an attorney familiar with the laws governing the possession, sale, and use of firearms.

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