Written by attorney Lynn Norton-Ramirez


Gun owners who have been diagnosed with irreversible dementia or Alzheimer's will reach a point when they can no longer safely use a firearm.

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Agitation, broadly defined to include non-compliance, refusal to cooperate with the caregiver, obstinence, resistance, crying, kicking, and being "hard to handle." Anxiety is defined as worried or frightened behavior displayed for no apparent reason, or tense and fidgety behavior. Irritability is rapid emotional fluctuations between frustration and impatience. Mega, Cummings… Neurology, “The spectrum of behavioral changes in Alzheimer's disease,” Healy, Melissa, As more older Americans struggle with dementia, what happens to their guns? Los Angeles Times, 5/11/18. Betz, McCourt, Annals of Internal Medicine, Firearms and Dementia, 8 May 2018, https://www Swanson, Duke Law & Contemporary Problems, Implementation and Effectiveness of Connecticut’s Risk-Based Gun Removal Law: Does It Prevent Suicides? 2017

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