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Defense against Sex Crime Allegations

Sex crimes are extremely serious and are not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, sex crime allegations are not always founded on fact and are oftentimes false accounts; when this happens, it’s crucial for the alleged suspect to secure legal representation in order to protect against any negative ramifications.

Sex crimes cover a broad spectrum of sex-related offenses. In essence, they involve non-consensual sexual contact. They can include any unwanted touching of the sexual organs, molestation, sexual assault (rape) or sexual battery.

Sex crimes also include prostitution and solicitation of prostitution even if it was entirely consensual. Law enforcement agencies set up entire “stings" to catch prostitutes, pimps and Johns in the act. They also place ads on public forums such as Craigslist to track down and convict people who engage in prostitution.

If you were accused of committing a sex crime, you have to act fast to protect yourself. If you are convicted you could face jail or prison sentencing, probation or parole, and steep monetary fines. What’s worse, the effects that a sex crime conviction might have on your reputation, your personal relationships and your career could be devastating.

For more serious sex crimes such as sexual abuse, sexual battery and sexual assault or rape you will most likely be facing mandatory sex offender registration. This means that you would have to register as a sex offender no matter where you live. What’s more, your headshot, conviction and home address would be made public information for all to see.

Escaping the stigma of a registered sex offender is fairly unrealistic. It is more likely that the offense will haunt you wherever you go. Unfortunately, many people who are accused of a sex crime are actually innocent. The challenging part is proving that your description of the events or lack of events is honest and true as opposed to the accusations coming from the alleged victim. Being innocent isn’t always enough when the accuser delivers a convincing theatrical display to the prosecution and the judge.

It is not uncommon for pubescent teens or young girls and boys to falsely accuse their parent of sexual abuse or molestation. Unfortunately, minors can make false accusations in order to please the other parent or out of pure anger or contempt for their parents. Although sexual offenses against a minor are extremely serious, whether they are founded on fact or not, law enforcement must take the necessary precautions and investigate any allegations. However, this can put the wrongfully accused in a very uncomfortable situation in the meantime, and law enforcement might not be so quick to offer you sympathy during such investigations.

Another common scenario where false allegations are made involves bitter divorces or child custody battles. Sometimes an angry or vindictive mother will falsely accuse her husband of child molestation or rape in order to gain custody of the couple’s children during a volatile divorce.

Since there are many situations in which no witnesses are around at the time of the allegation, it is essential that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have been convicted of a sex crime. Being convicted could destroy your reputation, and it might turn a lot of people against you. Sex crime allegations are also extremely embarrassing because they attack your very core. If you have been accused of a sex crime, a criminal defense attorney can handle your case in a discreet and private manner. When your reputation and freedom are on the line, you can’t afford to hire a weak defense attorney who might make costly mistakes on your case. Please take a moment to contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss your case. You deserve to have a professional on your side during this difficult time.

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