Written by attorney Ellen Buchholz

Defective Products that can Injure You

There are three main types of product defects that can result in a personal injury:

  • ### Design defects These occur before the product is created, in the initial design and planning stage.
  • ### Manufacturing errors These flaws result from mistakes that take place during the actual manufacturing stage.
  • ### False Advertising Marketing misrepresentations occur when sellers do not provide adequate warnings or instructions, or define the potential risks of using the product.

More than one party may be legally responsible for a personal injury, i.e. the designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, advertiser, etc. You may need to know how old the product is that injured you. Most states have laws limiting how long the manufacturer or seller can be held liable for personal injuries. The limits are usually from six to 12 years after the product was first sold on the market.

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