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Defective Products & Product Liability

Posted by attorney David Shoop

Manufacturers have a responsibility to the public to provide safe products. When they fail to do so through negligence, they could be held liable for their actions.

Under product liability law, if a person was injured or made ill because of a failure to warn, dangerous product, or manufacturing flaw, they could be entitled to compensation. Unsuspecting individuals will always be at risk of injury or death if these large companies continue to fail to show care and caution in the products they release onto the market. If they choose to put profit over the health and safety of consumers, they could be held accountable for this breach of trust. One major issue that has garnered a mass amount of media attention in recent years is that of dangerous drugs. The pharmaceutical industry racks in billions of dollars every years in the U.S. alone. However, they have also lost a large amount of money as victims are bringing lawsuits against these manufacturers. These drugs cause devastating consequences either due to lack of adequate testing, lying on ingredients labels, or failing to warn consumers of the possible negative effects of using the drug.

Another area of concern in the consumer industry is products designed for children and infants. Toys, cribs, and other items have caused serious injuries and even deaths in the lives of many families. One such example is the drop-down crib. Cribs which feature a fold-down wall were causing strangulation due to defects in the crib. The drop-down side can leave a gap between the mattress and the crib, just enough room for an infant to become trapped and suffocate. Another issue to be aware of is that of dangerous toys. From pocket bikes to airsoft guns to choking hazards, toys that are on the market are constantly being recalled due to unforeseen risks and dangers.

Food poisoning also falls under product liability law. This could occur if the food came into contact with a disease, bacteria, virus, parasite, or another dangerous contagion. Although some are more common than others, there are over 250 possible causes when it comes to food poisoning. If you were suffering from vomiting, nausea, or stomach cramps, these could all point to a case of food poisoning. Every year in the U.S., there are over 70 million cases of food poisoning. Most of these cases do not require hospitalizations and are over in a day or two. However, some are extremely serious with over 5,000 cases of fatalities. Those who are most susceptible to seriously suffer from food poisoning are people who already have a weakened immune system, infants and young children, and the elderly. If you or a loved one suffered from some type of food poisoning, were the victim of a dangerous drug, or were injured by a defective toy or product, your first step should be to contact a legal representative. They could be able to see that you receive justice.

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