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Insurance companies are wolves in sheep’s clothing; they are the real “ambulance chasers". Insurers prey on injured victims immediately after they are hurt, when they are at their most vulnerable, and before they have a chance to talk to a lawyer. For years, one major insurance company made a “Quality Service Pledge" to claimants that said “we will provide you with quality service" and that “your claims representative is dedicated to carrying out this pledge." The goal was to keep the claimant from talking with a lawyer before settling their claim. This was part of a stated company goal to “reduce attorney involvement in the claims process to achieve a higher rate of return on settlement claims" (this means increasing insurance company profits at the expense of the injured victim). If the claimant wanted to talk with a lawyer, the adjuster would use fear tactics (i.e., the lawyer will take one-third of the check we are about to give you just for talking to them) to discourage them from getting reliable advice. BIG LIE. Personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations.

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