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Debt Collector Harassment - Your Rights under the FDCPA!

The FDCPA is a Federal Law that prohibits debt collector harassment. Under the FDCPA, debt collectors are not allowed to mistreat, abuse or threaten consumers! Debt collectors are often paid on commission meaning that the debt collectors only get paid if they can force a consumer to pay. As such, sometimes debt collectors are more concerned with getting paid than they are complying with the FDCPA. If debt collectors break the law they are forced to pay YOU to sue them (your attorney fees), and to pay YOU money damages (up to $1,000). So, if debt collectors break the law don't just sit there! You need reputable, collection debt collector harassment attorneys to fight for your rights!

To find out if you have been the victim of debt collector harassment you first need to know what your rights are under the FDCPA and what qualifies as debt collector harassment.

~ Are Debt Collectors contacting your friends and family members?

~ Are Debt Collectors calling you at work after you ask them to stop?

~ Are Debt Collectors being rude to you?

~ Are Debt Collectors threatening you?

~Are Debt Collectors refusing to take "no" as an answer?

Debt Collectors Cannot:

-Call the your place of employment after the debt collector knows the your employer prohibits calls or you ask the debt collector not to call you at work anymore.

-Threaten you that nonpayment will result in imprisonment, garnishment, and/or liens if debt collector is not an attorney.

-Contact your neighbors, friends, family members, etc. when the debt collector already knows how to reach the you.

-Disclose to your friends or family members that you owe a debt.

-Threaten to do anything the debt collector isn’t allowed to do or doesn't intend to do to you.

If debt collectors have done any of the above things, debt collectors are possibly breaking federal law! If debt collectors are harassing you, contact a consumer attorney immediately or read this guide that I created.

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