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Death and Injury Resulting from cell phone use

Death and Injury Resulting from Cell Phone Use Cell phones and texting are now the primary means of communication for many people, especially young adults. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s, (NHTSA) research shows that the worst offenders are the younger drivers under 20 years of age. To watch Secretary of Transportation LaHood’s video blog on distracted driving or the Distracted Driving Summit live via webcast go to or see, CBS and AP report that Nearly 6,000 people were killed and a half-million injured last year in U.S. auto accidents due to drivers being distracted, particularly by mobile phones. . A skilled Lawyer will discover cell phone use after an accident and ascertain whether such use may have caused or contributed to the accident and the resulting personal injury or death. We obtain this information in all cases involving automobile accidents. The state of Alabama has no cell phone use restrictions in place as of the date of this article. Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen has signed into law a ban on text messaging while driving. Enforcement of the Tennessee state ban on texting behind the wheel will begin July 1, 2009. Current prohibitions:  Text messaging prohibited while operating a motor vehicle in Tennessee.  Drivers with learner’s permits or intermediate licenses are prohibited from using cell phones while driving.  School bus operators prohibited from using cell phones while driving, if passengers are present.  Installation or use of video monitors in a motor vehicle are prohibited if the intent is to provide entertainment or business content for the driver. To determine what laws are in effect in your state go to the Governors Highway Safety Association website:

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