Written by attorney Douglas Troy Kans

DataMaster DMT Breath Test Machine Overview

The breath testing machine known as DataMaster DMT is used by many State law enforcement personnel to test the BAC of any driver who displays signs of DWI or driving while impaired. In many States, including in my home state of Minnesota,the DataMaster DMT replaced the Intoxilyzer 5000EN, a device that has long been used for BAC testing. For years, numerous DWI attorneys from different States have questioned the accuracy and reliability of the Intoxilyzer 5000EN and its source code. Understanding how the DataMaster DMT works The DataMaster DMT utilizes infrared spectrophometry, or an infrared light beam that measures a person’s alcohol content from his or her breath. Alcohol, also referred to as Ethanol, is known to absorb infrared light. When an individual breathes out, the sample is captured into the device, and the infrared light goes through the device’s sample chamber. Ethanol molecules then vibrate as a result of this process, and it then absorbs a substantial amount of infrared energy. At the other end of the machine’s chamber, the amount of energy along with the individual’s breath sample is measured. If the amount of energy that went through the chamber is less at the other end, then the machine will conclude that there is alcohol present in the individual’s body. The DMT’s screen can display the individual’s breath flow, as well as the alcohol absorption curve in real time. It can also establish the driver’s level of cooperation throughout the test. The DataMaster DMT electronically stores all the information it gathers for future retrievals, and also prints full-color test tickets of the alcohol absorption curve and the profile information as support for a possible case of DUI. DataMaster DMT Specifications The DataMaster DMT is the updated version of past DataMaster devices, and it contains numerous new features and updates. Equipped with a large display screen and Windows interface, the machine has greatly improved in terms of functionality and usability compared to previous versions. With the DataMaster, an operator enters data through a keyboard. The DataMaster’s interface utilizes a 32-bit, 520 MHz processor that has a colored touch screen and a capable sampling system. The device is easily adaptable to the various specifications of the authorities. Each state is essentially free to set their own specifications, depending on their state laws. It is also capable of both capturing and saving a driver’s breath profile, which may come in handy for cases involving breath test refusals or implied consent. DataMaster DMT Maintenance When it comes to measuring a DWI offender’s blood alcohol level, the DataMaster is believed to be adequate for the job. It is believed to be an improvement and much more accurate compared to the Intoxilyzer 5000EN. The DataMaster DMT may possess advanced software, but of course cannot be perfect all the time. After all, the device is only as good as the individual who maintains and uses it. If the police officer commits an error when operating the DataMaster DMT, then the results may possibly be questioned. For the device to work properly, it must be maintained properly, as all other machines are. Police officers must also log all upkeep procedures, as this log can be very important in DWI cases. If there are any errors or discrepancies on this log, knowledgeable DWI attorneys can easily question these log flaws, and argue that the machine may have shown erroneous breath test results because of its improper maintenance.

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