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Dangers with Pit Bull Dogs | by San Diego Dog Bite Injury & Animal Attack Lawyer Mark Blane

Posted by attorney Mark Blane

What are Pit Bull Dogs & Why Are They So Dangerous? Pit Bulls are a special breed of dogs that belong to a long bloodline family of dogs traditionally bred for guarding, protection and fighting (defending from others). These dogs are a very sturdy breed and they are generally found to be medium-sized, but very stocky in stature. Whenever you see one walk down a public side walk or other public area your attention is drawn to there sturdy and quick stature. Pit bull dogs have a well-earned reputation for being extremely fierce and tenacious.

Today’s breed of Pit Bulls descend from the European bull and bear-baiting canines that had within them a natural aggressiveness. Dog breeders from Europe spent centuries of selective breeding in order to transform or create this vicious and dangerous animal into what some people choose to have as a common household pet. Any experienced dog breeder will tell you that it is nearly impossible to fully eliminate natural tendencies, and even the most docile and loving Pit Bull still has the instinctual potential to be a silent killer to anyone within the range of its extremely powerful jaws and neck muscles.

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