Written by attorney Kathy Criscuolo Boufford

Dangers of On-line Support Calculators

The amount of support is often determined by Connecticut’s child support guidelines. These guidelines provide a formula, which can be used to calculate child support based on the income of both parties. However, while the formula is straightforward, many people will dispute the raw data that is used to calculate the support payments. This is frequently the case when one spouse is self-employed, owns a business, does not receive a W2 form verifying income or is underemployed. These situations can make child support calculations difficult. In addition, there are circumstances when a child support order will differ from the number arrived at using the guidelines. This is based on specific deviation criteria that may or may not apply to your case. Careful attention needs to be made when completing the child support guidelines worksheet and when determining if the recommended child support amount needs to be followed.

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