Written by attorney Kay L. Van Wey

Damages Recoverable in a Car Accident Claim

Most car accidents end up being nothing more than a hassle. They may require fixing no more than a dent or ding. But other times they are much more complicated because of significant vehicle damage and serious injuries. It’s important to make sure that an insurance claim adequately addresses all forms of car accident claim damages that are available.

Property Damage

Property damage is one example of compensation to address when seeking car accident claim damages. This may include not only repairs to fix damage to the vehicle, but also the cost of a rental car while the damaged vehicle is in the repair shop. If the car is totaled in the accident, claimants may seek costs for vehicle replacement.

Medical Expenses

When there have been injuries, it’s important to make sure the claim addresses all related expenses. This means not only initial costs for things such as ambulatory services, emergency room care or hospitalization, but ongoing or future medical bills.

For instance, an ongoing medical expense might be for rehabilitation or physical therapy. If it was an especially serious collision, there may be psychological injuries that require medication or counseling. A claim should include those costs as well.

Future expenses might include surgery or some other procedures. This is why it’s so important not to settle a claim before knowing all of the potential medical bills that may arise as a result of the accident.

Lost Wages and Noneconomic Damages

Car accident claim damages should also address missed time from work. The loss of income can add to the overall financial burden resulting from the accident. So claimants should collect documentation that shows earnings before the accident and the amount of earnings lost. A claim should also address future lost wages if the claimant expects to miss time in the future for treatment and/or recovery.

Another issue that can arise is when injuries are so severe the person cannot return to work at all. In this case, claimants may recover what they would have earned had it not been for those injuries. There may be additional damages available for someone who has suffered permanent disability.

The aforementioned damages address the actual financial losses associated with the accident.

When a crash is serious, there are many times other forms of compensation that are also available to address emotional damages, for example:

  • pain and suffering;
  • disfigurement;
  • emotional distress; and
  • mental anguish.

Get Legal Advice on Damages Recoverable in a Car Accident Claim

The best way to understand your rights after an accident and how to protect them, including the types of recoverable compensation, is to speak with an attorney. In order to ensure compensation is full and fair, legal counsel will consider not only financial losses but physical and emotional losses, too. Contact Van Wey Law today to learn more about options available when someone else’s negligence is the cause of your car accident.

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