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Cyclist Critically Injured in Wreck

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

The University Star reports that a cyclist was injured in an accident with a motor vehicle. He was heading down Highway 123 early in the morning when he was struck by a driver from behind. The article points out that, while there were no shoulders on the road, the cyclist is still entitled to use the road as would any other vehicle in the circumstances. It was further clarified that the cyclist did have a headlight on his bike and he did have a reflector on the back, as the law requires.

The driver, according to the report, did not even see the bicyclist until after the accident had happened. A police officer quoted in the article did not mince words, pointing out that when you're driving, you are driving a weapon.

Bicycles and Safety

Texas requires a headlight and a red reflector on the back of bicycles. One way you may want to improve your level of safety on the road if you are a bicyclist is to get one of the flashing red lights that you can attach to the back of a bicycle or to the back of your clothing. These are very hard to miss for drivers. Red reflectors will do a good job of alerting drivers to your presence on the highway, but they sometimes blend in with other road features, such as reflectors at the end of driveways in rural areas.

Bicyclists should always wear helmets. If you get struck by a car, your chances of surviving are low enough. Not wearing a helmet brings them much farther into negative territory. Wearing a helmet can prevent you from receiving the types of head injuries that can be fatal in accidents that would otherwise not even be that serious.

If you're a bicyclist and you are struck by a motorist who did not respect your right to the road, contact a respected Texas auto accident law firm. These law firms don't just work for people who end up getting in accidents behind the wheel. They also work for people who are struck by vehicles while they are pedestrians, while they are on bicycles or while they are on motorcycles. Contacting such a law firm might enable you to file a lawsuit for damages or, in the worst cases, to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who took a family member from you.

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