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Posted by attorney Theodore Robinson

Ever since 9/11 the United States has passed a number of Immigrtion rulings that have changed the practice of criminal law dramatically. From what it appears, the Immigration and Naturalization Department are much more vigilant in finding reasons to deport non-citizens, including those who already have Green Cards. Immigrants with criminal convictions have now become one of the primary concerns of the Department of Justice and the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS). There are new programs that have been implemented which directly focus on the removal and deportation of non-citizens with criminal convictions - even when they are now outside of the jail and prison systems. Their priority is to deport those who have been convicted of: (1) crimes of violence; (2) aggravated felonies and (3) other crimes rendering an alien deportable such as crimes involving moral turpitude. We will go into all the specifics in much more detalis in later parts of this series on Immigration and the Law.

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