Written by attorney Michael John Primus

Credit Score Basics: What Is A Good Score?

The term "Credit Score" refers to a FICO score which is a three digit number used to assess creditworthiness. There are three main credit reporting agencies: Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. Your credit score may be different at each credit reporting agency because the FICO score only considers data in your credit file from that agency. If your score from the three credit reporting agencies is different, it's probably because the information those agencies have on you differs. FICO scores are used primarily in lending but also by employers and insurers. Generally scores are described as:

850 is the highest

770 or above = A+

700 to 769 = A

660 to 699 = B

600 to 639 = C

580 to 599 = D

579 and below F

300 is the lowest

Additional resources provided by the author

Addtional Sources: the Federal Trade Commission maintains a page on its website dedicated to credit reports and scoring

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