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Credit card fraud explained

Posted by attorney Patrick Artur

Credit card fraud charges cover everything from a single incident of using someone else's credit card to large-scale schemes in which private information is stolen via the Internet or mail. It is a felony that carries severe criminal penalties. Examples of credit card fraud include:

  • Opening credit accounts using stolen personal information, such as stolen Social Security numbers
  • Using someone else's credit card without authorization
  • Applying for credit using someone else's name and personal information (including using a family member or child's personal information)
  • Using telemarketing or online sales schemes to induce people to disclose their credit card information
  • Creating a false identity in order to secure a loan, mortgage, or credit
  • Creating shell businesses in order to obtain money through credit
  • Internet crimes such as computer hacking to obtain confidential information, phishing, DNS hijacking

Given the complex nature of these crimes, you could be facing state or federal prosecution. Either way, you will need the best defence team possible in order to present the most effective defense to your case. This will include expert witnesses and investigators who will probe the governments case in order to find weaknesses and technical loopholes.

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