Written by attorney Jeffrey Glenn Meeks

Court-Martial--The Creation of a Military Court: Overview

Quite often, the term court-martial is shrouded with mystery, heightened by stories from history and the distortions of movies and other mass media. The word is used as a verb, and conjures images of cold justice administered by an unfeeling commander at the drum head, followed by lashes or a firin

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Your rights change as the charges move through each of these stages. Most military counsel are prohibited by regulation from forming an "attorny/client relationship" before charges have been preferred in a case, unless you are placed in pretrial restraint. Military counsel will advise you concerning your rights to remain silent (and encourage you to exercise that right) and answer basis questions concerning the manner in which a case moves to trial. Contact the Defense Service Officer for more detail, or contact a civilian attorney with military experience who is not barred by those same regulations.

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