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Coppell Speeding & Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Brief History Of Coppell

Although Coppell, Texas was only incorporated in 1955, it traces its roots to 1832. First, known as Grapevine Springs, it has the distiction of being the location where Sam Houston signed a treaty with the local Indians. Early settlers were primarily of German and French decent.

By 1846, Dallas County was organized and ten years later the City of Dallas was founded. In 1873, the little community was renamed, Gibbs, in honor of the Lieutenant Govenor, Barnett Gibbs. In 1890, the small community changed its name again, this time to Coppell, probably after George Coppell, a New Youk businessman associated with the railroads.

Coppell, Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney

I am Jack Byno, a City of Coppell traffic ticket lawyer. I have been representing clients in the Coppell Municipal Court with speeding tickets and other violations since 1994. I have the experience you want in an attorney when you have allowed a traffic citation to go into warrant or you are need of defending a commercial driver's license (CDL) violation.

I addition to traffic tickets I also help the residents of the City with all Coppell city ordinace violations. While these tickets do not appear on a diving record they can cost a defendant thousands of Dollars if convicted. For more help with your city ordinance issues contact Jack Byno today.

Coppell Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In most cases, if you were written a Coppell speeding citation, I can work out a deal for probation to keep the ticket off of your driving record. However, if you have a commercial driver's license (CDL) t he consequences of a speeding violation is much greater. I can help you fight to keep the ticket off your record. When your livelihood is at stake, contact Jack Byno, an attorney with two decades of experience defending CDL holders.

More about Help With Texas Speeding Tickets.

Traffic Violation in Coppell, Texas? Call Jack Byno • 817-685-0912

Coppell Traffic Warrant Attorney

If you failed to take care of your Coppell traffic violation, there may now be an arrest warrant issued in your name. If you have been contacted by the City or Dallas County, it is time to call an experienced lawyer. I am attorney Jack Byno, and from my offices in Colleyville, Texas, I can help you resolve your warrant, before you are arrested.

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CDL Defense Lawyer In Coppell, Texas

I have been helping truck driver's that are CDL holders with their traffic violations for two decades. Fighting to keep your driving record clean doesn't have to be difficult. I make traffic violation representation easy. Contact me today for a consultation with a CDL traffic lawyer.

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