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Cop Brutality Babes

Posted by attorney James Balagia

My view of "Police Women of Maricopa County" television show.

I was watching a television program called "Police Women of Maricopa County" and was appalled by the foul language that these egomaniac female police officers were using. It was offensive to observe how ugly they treated the citizens they were coming into contact with. I can just imagine how they treat people when the cameras aren't filming them and thereby protecting the citizens from the threat of even greater physical brutality. The way that the female officers talked to people was demeaning, loud, smart mouthed, and overly aggressive.

Instead of the videotaping causing the officers to be on their best behavior it seemed to get the officers worked into a frenzy of aggressiveness and an attitude of being overbearing which can escalate matters. Unfortunately, this attitude is not restricted to the television screen but instead is very prevalent among both male and female officers across our nation. For whatever reason, today's officers seem to think they have to act like military SWAT teams in order to perform regular community policing duties.

Clues for the average citizen to look out for are males with flattops or burr haircuts and females with "butch" cuts. The worst offenders are short stout cops of both sexes. They have a tendency to wear black leather gloves on warm days, mirror or dark sunglasses and always seem to be yelling while clenching their fists. When I was a police officer in Austin, Texas in the 1980?s, our slogan was "To Protect And To Serve". Today's officers appear to follow the slogan "I'm In Charge And I Will Tell You What To Do!"

Our country has really suffered since the "911? terrorists attack in so many ways in the name of our "protection". I wonder just how many of our liberties and rights we are going to give up in the name of safety. Thank God for dedicated criminal defense attorneys who are willing to stand up to the constant erosion of our rights by the government. It is unfortunate that most of our citizens are too blind to realize that the police can bully any of us, they will eventually bully all of us.

And I haven't even touched on the way that the judges allow and even encourage police abuses by the way they condone it in their courts through silence.

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