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Construction Site Safety - Phoenix Construction Injury Lawyer

Posted by attorney Christopher Zachar

Phoenix, Arizona, Construction Site Safety Lawyer

In the United States, a construction site is statistically one of the most dangerous places for an American worker to be on the job every day. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics reports that one in 10 American construction workers will suffer an injury because of construction site safety violations every year. Scaffolding accidents, falling materials, trench wall collapses and construction vehicle accidents can cause devastating injuries that can permanently affect the construction worker and family members, as well as bring financial ruin to your project or company.

The tragedy of many of the injuries is that taking common precautions to improve construction site safety isn’t necessarily expensive or time consuming for property owners or construction company employers. Understanding where the work site safety problems lie hidden can be an important way to reduce injuries to construction workers on the job.

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Free consultation about your construction site safety needs

Personal injury trial attorney Christopher Zachar has been representing injured construction workers in third-party injury litigation cases for nearly 15 years. Our firm is recognized for our capacity to investigate and prepare the most complex injury cases involving violations of construction site safety. Our trial experience has also given us the knowledge to provide sound legal advice regarding litigation avoidance measures that employers and property owners can implement to improve construction site safety for their projects.

Important factors to improve construction site safety

There are three important things to consider when exploring ways to minimize risk of injury on a construction job site:

Do you have a good understanding of site preparation and expectations?

Are workers properly trained to handle materials and equipment safely?

Do supervisors understand that worker safety must be their top priority?

Contact our offices in Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss ways we can help you manage risks on your work site. We have extensive experience in handling litigation areas involving construction site safety issues, such as:

  • OSHA violations
  • Scaffolding setup and avoiding falls
  • Preventing electrical shocks
  • Municipal liability
  • Preventing welding injuries
  • Reducing risk of construction site explosions
  • Land site preparation, avoiding trench wall collapses
  • Crane and construction vehicle safety

Contact our offices in Phoenix, Arizona, to learn more about our construction injury litigation experience and how we can help your company reduce risks.

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