Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle

Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws: Defending a Charge in Arizona

Defined by law, conspiracy is an agreement to accomplish a criminal offense, or to accomplish a lawful objective by criminal means. In order to prove a conspiracy case, officials must gather enough evidence to show that a person was conspiring towards a criminal objective. There are rarely documents or other hard evidence to prove an agreement, so police will generally attempt to observe a person they suspect of selling drugs or to establish surveillance of a location where they believe drugs are being sold.

Defending conspiracy charges can be tricky, but the Phoenix drug crime lawyers at JacksonWhite know the defense tactics to successfully fight your case in court. First and foremost, it is imperative to know exactly what evidence the police have collected against you. The drug crime defense team at JacksonWhite will take the time to comprehensively review and understand the evidence against you, and will determine their defense strategy from their research. If a search warrant was used to achieve evidence against you, and the warrant was obtained in violation of the constitution or law, our Phoenix drug crime attorneys can attempt to have that evidence excluded.

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