Written by attorney Jeffery L. Weeden

Consequences of Sexting in Colorado

Cell phones have become not only ubiquitous, but their capabilities have outstripped anything their earliest users may have ever dreamed. This includes, of course, the ability to take and transmit high-quality videos and photographs instantly, with relative ease. Irregardless, sexting in Colorado comes with its fair share of penalties.

This ability has spawned the phenomena of “sexting”. Where people send suggestive or nude photos to others using their cell phones.

Colorado doesn’t recognize sexting between consenting adults as a crime.

However, the letter of the law becomes murky when teens choose to engage in sexting in Colorado.

Teens may believe that taking and sending photos of themselves will never land them in any serious trouble. Many states have enacted laws that address teen sexting specifically. And in these states, the consequences for teen sexting are hardly severe. In states that don’t have specific sexting laws yet, such as Colorado, sexting may be covered under older laws. This means the consequences may be steep.

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