Written by attorney Mark Alan Deters

Consequences of an OVI ( DUI ) for a Teacher, Principal, Superintendant licensed by Ohio Dept. Ed.

There are those that think an OVI ( DUI ) will not affect the licensure of a professional, licensed by the Ohio Department of Education. BUT - Think again!

I recently litigated a case, where an individual licensed by the Ohio Department of Education as a Teacher and an Administrator received a First Offense OVI (.083 BAC). Just barely over the limit. Of course it was a case that was quickly resolved in municipal court, with a non-conviction for OVI ( DUI ).

But, the actual arrest for OVI ( DUI ), in and of itself, triggered an investigation by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), because someone squealed. An OVI CAN affect an ODE license. Although it does not normally result in disciplinary action--IT CAN!

In Ohio, a Teacher, Principal, or School Administrator, who is LICENSED by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), may face Disciplinary Action for being arrested for an OVI ( DUI ). The mere arrest for an OVI ( DUI ) will trigger an ODE Investigation, if the ODE finds out that a licensee was arrested for OVI. And the ODE does not wait until the outcome of the OVI court case to proceed on the investigation! The ODE proceeds on an investigation when it gets reported. Thus, you may be arrested for an OVI, and if that teacher down the hall that doesn't like you finds out--you could become the subject of an ODE investigation.

Thus, anyone who is licensed as a Teacher, Principal, Superintendant, or any other licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, and is accused of an OVI ( DUI ), needs to retain an OVI Defense Attorney IMMEDIATELY. There are many steps that can be taken in the first 24-48 hours of an OVI, which are necessary to preserve defenses to your case. Moreover, your Driver's License may not be the only LICENSE on the line! All of your years of Education, and Licensure by the ODE may be on the line!

That is why anyone accused of an OVI in Ohio, needs to retain an Experienced OVI Defense Attorney to assist them in their Defense.

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