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Confused or Overwhelmed with Information? Let Us Guide You.

Thanks for dropping by our website. Many people are intimidated and overwhelmed at the concept of making a social security disability claim. So they don’t make any claim at all. That’s the biggest mistake you could make. If you’re thinking about making a social security disability claim ask yourself the following three questions: Do you have a condition that is going to keep or has kept you out of work for at least twelve months? Have you worked for at least 5 of the last 10 year? Are you treating with a physician? If the answer to those 3 questions is yes, then you probably have a social security disability claim and should talk to an attorney about the options available to you. Delay is your greatest enemy. So to make this process as easy as possible we’ve created something of a one stop shop for everybody interested in applying for social security disability. Please visit our page titled, “Getting Started” to find more information on how to file a claim, how to find out if you qualify to make a claim, what you have to prove and how to fill out the forms just to name a few. My law firm offers a free disability rights analysis where you can get more information about what is available to you. To schedule your free, no obligation consultation please give us a call at 801-890-1030 or fill out the consultation form to the side of this video. Don’t let intimidation and confusion rob you of the benefits you deserve. Let us guide you through the process.

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